Doha Decompression

After a 13-hour flight from Doha to New York (or Washington, for the other half of the group) and a connecting flight back to Chicago, the visit to the Northwestern University campus in Qatar is now just an extremely pleasant memory for the 70+ students, faculty, staff, alumni and trustees who journeyed to the Middle East for the campus’s opening ceremonies.

There are plenty of stories to tell, and we have hundreds of photos and hours of video to sift through to share those stories with you. Check back soon for more in-depth coverage, but here is a quick slide show of photos from Monday’s magnificent (and extremely purple!) opening ceremony and Tuesday’s long-awaited visit to Education City. Northwestern students and faculty from the Evanston campus spoke about their work and interacted with their NU-Q counterparts. More to come!


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About This Site

A contingent of Northwestern University faculty, staff and students traveled from Evanston, Ill. to Doha, Qatar for the official opening ceremony of Northwestern’s Qatar campus. This site contains the sights, sounds and stories of the opening ceremony events and offers a glimpse into the life of the Northwestern community in Qatar.

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