Northwestern Paparazzi?

There’s been a running gag on this trip that the Northwestern crew (party of 70+) is a little bit like the paparazzi. As we behold each new Qatari sight, several dozen digital cameras of various brands and megapixel-dimensions are whipped out, and the Doha skyline is practically illuminated by the sheer volume of camera flashes. The new campus in Qatar isn’t the only Northwestern history being made here. This also has to be the most-photographed trip ever taken in the history of the school…

To that effect, today we feature the fine photographic efforts of Jack Doppelt, a longtime Medill professor who also happens to be a fairly good point-and-shooter. Check out his handiwork below. Even the tricky nighttime shots are well-executed!


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A contingent of Northwestern University faculty, staff and students traveled from Evanston, Ill. to Doha, Qatar for the official opening ceremony of Northwestern’s Qatar campus. This site contains the sights, sounds and stories of the opening ceremony events and offers a glimpse into the life of the Northwestern community in Qatar.

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